One Button Config

Hello, What does the top and bottom config look like for a one button setup? I just changed the top to this, “#define NUM_BUTTONS 1”. The bottom to this, “#ifdef CONFIG_BUTTONS
Button PowerButton(BUTTON_POWER, powerButtonPin, “pow”);
The saber will not react to button push of any kind.

did you wire it to button1 or button2 pin?

if you wired it to button 2 then change powerButtonPin to auxPin

Let me check that out, I did not think of that.

The configuration generator can generate the typical configuration for 1 and 2 button setups:

Thanks DudeFromOz, it always the simple things I miss. Fixed. This is my first one button setup.

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Thankyou profezzorn, I should have checked that out first. Working ok now. I will get accustomed to one button gestures.

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thats good it was an easy fix. ive had to double check a few times switching back and forward between v2 and v3 boards as the button 1 and 2 pins are reversed.

are you using fett263s prop? Fett263 ProffieOS6 Prop File (Buttons and Controls) has the run through for all the controls

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Yes, I will have to review them for sure, cannot even change fonts. just getting going on one button.