On my 2nd v2 board and both seem to be dead

On my 2nd v2 board and neither of them will respond when I plug them into usb, do the boot dance, have them plugged into battery, or battery+usb. Have tried multiple cables on multiple machines and nothing detects anything on any of them. 1st one I blame on some rough soldering(Forgive me I was just a newbie at the time) but this 2nd one I cant seem to pinpoint where I’m going wrong here? Both are econo boards I got off AliExpress and the price isnt my hangup on ordering another one, just the wait time. Both boards were working before, and like I said the first one was sloppy solder work. This 2nd one just seems to have up and died…

If you think a soldering issue caused it to die, seeing some pictures of the solder work throughout would help to pinpoint any potential problems.

Those AliExpress boards are made by people unknown, and are of unknown quality. Caveat Emptor.


I’ve noticed that some of the AliExpress boards even have the ZZ logo. Does that mean those boards are legit or do we think the logo itself is being misused?

The logo is being misused unfortunately.

Ah, sorry to hear that.