OLED and Sound Boot Synchronisation?

OK, I’m starting to run with this whole OLED thing, and I have a question about boot sync:

Suppose I have a bitmap animation with a visual pulse every half second. Then I build a wav with audio pips every half second, and I want the audio pips to play in sync with the video pulses when I boot the saber.

Obviously I would need to nail down frame rates and stuff like that, and maybe have a mute “leader” on the wav or the bitmap to get things to line up. But my question is, once I’ve got them to line up, will the boot process always be in sync, or will it vary from one boot to the next?

My instinct says it will vary, but I don’t have any knowledge to back that up. When you boot into a different preset, does the board load those font files into some kind of ram and does the amount of time that takes vary?

As always any thoughts welcome.

It will vary, but not very much.
So if the blinking/pulsing goes on for a few seconds, it will probably stay close to synchronized until your SD card starts to develop problems.

If your blinking/pulsing goes on for minutes, or hours, it’s likely that keeping it synchronized is just not going to work.

Thanks Prof. :smiley: :+1:
No, I was just thinking of a fun little boot sequence lasting a few seconds. I just didn’t know if the two elements - video and audio - would always begin playing at the same point relative to each other every time. Sounds like they will be pretty close. :slight_smile: Thanks as always. Now I just need to find a few hours to build the audio and animation. :smiley:

I built a blade style that pulses at the same interval as the hum. But in that case, I’m up against the fact that the clock driving Pulsing<> starts running at boot, so it’s luck of the draw if you hit ignite at the right time.
I would think boot should be pretty close since you have a common start time.

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Nothing stopping you from making a copy of Pulsing<> that uses a different clock. :slight_smile:

Put it in the new CONFIG_STYLES section. :slight_smile:

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Certainly will…once it’s known what that’s about!

CONFIG_STYLES is brand spanking new.
Fernando wanted a way to put his “using” statements at the end of the config file instead of putting them at the beginning of the CONFIG_PRESETS section.
Putting something in the CONFIG_STYLES section is literally the same as putting it at the beginning of the CONFIG_PRESETS section. :slight_smile:

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