OG Ahsoka rebuilds

I have a set of curved Ahsokas that I made from a run of 14. (At the time I used Igniter4s as Proffie hadn’t come on the scene yet. As with many of our old builds, collectors are tracking them down and sending them back for electronic ugrades. I am prepping the set for Proffie 3.9s and illuminated pixel connectors. A question I have is finding a source for RGBW blades, and if that can be accounted for in the OS?

All Proffieboard and ProffieOS versions support RGBW blades. Is that what they have?

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I had a set custom made for a client a few years ago. Looking for another set or builder to make them, I just wanted to be sure about the OS as my config for the old set is long gone

Hi Todd,

darth alice been stalking your builds since 2010 love ya work.

I believe megtooth sith is selling some blades not sure if they’re RGBW THough.