Odd Wiring Question

Hi–I have an odd question. I’ve asked the seller but thought I’d ask here as well:

I have an 89Sabers V3.9 universal chassis I picked up on Ali Express as an upgrade for a V2.2. The new removable chassis works fine–it connects through a 13 pin connector to a fixed section in the hilt that drives the hilt buttons and blade; however, when I was tracing the wiring, I found they mapped one of the 13 pins to the 5V pin on the ProffieBoard. I have never seen a wiring diagram that uses the 5V pin… any idea what they might have wired that for?

I only have the one V3.9 universal chassis, but I went back and checked my V2.2 universal chassis–on one, that pin does not connect to the ProffieBoard. On the other, it is wired to the Data 2 pin.

I know its a long shot that anyone here might know why it’s wired this way–but figured no harm in asking. My belief is that they made a mistake when wiring the V3.9 chassis and that pin should have been wired to Data 2 and not 5V–but I’m not yet ready to disassemble the non-removable hilt-side electronics to see what’s wired on the other end (at least not until after i get my other projects working).

thanks in advance,

I recommend asking the seller.

No reply yet–I will also ask 89S directly… related question: have you ever wired the 5V pin on the Proffie board to anything?

Only to batt+ to work around broken voltage boosters.

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