NPXL Hilt adapter wiring question

I’ve seen others do something similar, but I want to make sure I’ve got it right. I want to run just a single positive and negative 22awg wire from the hilt NPXL adapter. The NPXL manual suggests running 2 positive and two negative.

If I go with just one negative and one positive, does it matter which negative and positive pads I use on the hilt adapter? I plan to bridge the data1 and data2 pads on the proffie board and then then run the single NPXL negative line to that. Please see attached diagram. Top picture is the recommended NPXL wiring, bottom pic is my proposed.

I think you may have your terminology mixed. You don’t need to bridge any data pads, you need to bridge the LED power pads - usually numbers 2 and 3 - for the blade, which can then go to the NPXL connector negative. But other than that, yes, what you’re proposing should work fine. :slight_smile:

This is The Way.

Oops, yes that is what I meant, I’m going to bridge LED1 and LED2. Thank you for confirming.

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