No transparency within stripes?

Maybe it’s just the style editor as I have not tried this on blade yet, but is there any reason the zero opacity colors aren’t allowing the under layer of red to show through in this example?


Unfortunately it’s complicated to make stripes work with transparent colors. After my first attempt blew up I decided that stripes will just have to live without it for now. I think if you try to compile that in ProffieOS, you might get an error.

On a side note: I wish I could figure out a way to automatically link posted styles to the style editor in this forum… (Or maybe, I can make a onebox, so that if you post a link to a style, it shows up in a pretty way on the forum instead… hmm, that might be simpler…)




Also confirming no flipping direction on StyleFire, right? I mean, even under the hood a bit?

Negative speeds will not work with the fire style.
I suppose that could be fixed, but right now it does not work.

I’m unchecking the solution, because it’s a solution to something different than the topic.

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