No motion (smoothswing) Proffie 2.2

So i’ve wired up a proffie 2.2 (my latest out of 4 proffies i’ve wired for installs) and there are no smooth swing sounds. Hum plays, clash plays and lights up, the crystal chamber lights up and follows the blade styles I’ve programmed, same with the accent PCBS. I am running the latest Proffie OS (version 6.7) and Arduino has been updated. I even updated my Motion config files with posts from here, no dice. I can provide video if that helps, as well as my config. Hooking up to the serial monitor it will say the saber is trying to play swingl.wav or swingh.wav but i am not hearing any smooth swings at all. I have used the same blade styles and fonts from the config in two other proffie sabers i have and they all worked great. Before i cut all wires and install a new proffieboard hoping the problem is a faulty motion sensor what can i do?

One theory that would fit this description would be a faulty gyro.
We should verify that before altering the wiring though.
First, make sure that your config file doesn’t have DISABLE_DIAGNOSTIC_COMMANDS in it.
Second use the monitor gyro command, and then swing the saber around.
If the gyro works, we should see different values as you’re moving the saber around, and values near zero when it’s still. If the gyro is broken, then you probably do need to replace the board.

I’m not sure what you mean by “motion config files” though, what did you do? (I’m wondering if you possibly did something that caused this problem.)

Fredrik, it’s an absolute honor to “e-meet” you sir. You’re a genius and a legend to this community.

My config has “ENABLE_DIAGNOSTIC_COMMANDS” so that should’nt be the issue. I updated a few lines of code within the lsm6ds3h files after this issue started, and saved a copy of the old motion file so that isn’t the cause. I’ll plug it in tonight to the serial monitor and use that gyro command to see what is happening. Thank you for your help! I will post what happens

That is not a define that does anything.
For the most part, if the define isn’t listed on the CONFIG_TOP page, it won’t do anything.