No config

i just plugged in the sd card of my saber but i see no config m new to all this proffie stuff so how can i see the config file of my saber if there is no config on the sd card?

Request from your installer.

The configuration file becomes part of the onboard software when you upload to the board, so you need a copy of the original from who you got it from.

Once you have it then you can edit it, compile ProffieOS, and upload the new version to the board.

Once you have the configuration file, I’d recommend using ProffieConfig (acts as a replacement for Arduino) to edit it and upload it to the board, as it takes care of all the usual setup that’s normally tedious and can be a point of confusion.

sadly they cant provide it :frowning: they arent answering

ah yea thanks for sadly they arent answering and i bought the saber 2 years ago so i dont think they will help me that much

Unfortunately it’s basically impossible to recover the exact configuration from a proffieboard. However, what we can do is help you create a new config. To do that we would need to:

  1. backup the existing configuration and sd card
  2. take note of what wires are connected to the proffiboard, and ideally where they go
  3. List the sound fonts that are on the SD card (or come up with a new set of fonts that you want to use)
  4. Build a config, including blade array, presets and styles
  5. upload it to your saber
  6. test it
  7. fix anything that doesn’t work as expected, then go back to step 4

This might sound ominous and complicated, we can help, and you can always go back to the way it worked before by using the backup.

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If you’re able to determine how the saber is wired you can create a new one. Installers really should provide or include IMHO. Those that don’t really shouldn’t be taking people’s money for a Proffieboard saber as they’re delivering an incomplete product.

Is it possible to do a backup with WebDFU even if WebUSB is not enabled? (Is there another way of doing backups?)

Yes, you just have to put the board in bootloader mode.
The dfu-util tool that comes with the arduino-proffiboard plugin can also do backups. (But from the command line.)
Finally, if you have an ST-link V2 you can upload/download using the SWDIO pins, which is yet another way to make a backup.

Gotcha. I guess I knew that…

What does that process look like with dfu-util?

Don’t remember, you would need to look up the documentation for that tool.

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“Yeah, I’ll try my best. Thank you for your help though. I also agree, I don’t understand how they can be doing this when I paid $500 for the saber. They give me stupid Jurassic Park fonts and no configuration. I’ll get the saber going.”

Okay, first of all, thank you for your reply and explanation. I have one more question: I own 4 sabers, and upon examining their configurations, they all appear very similar. Can I simply use the configuration from my other 2-button 144 LED Proffie saber, add all the soundfonts, and then upload it to the saber? Or do I need to check any specific wiring? If not, I’ll just proceed with that and hopefully have a working saber. Both sabers are 2-button models with similar internals, so I believe that should work, right?

The answer is a resounding; maybe

most proffieboards that have the same number of blades and buttons are wired the same, however, they don’t have to be. You could use LED4/5 instead of LED2/3. Or data3 instead of data2 for an accent LED, and so forth. The more features your sabers have, the more likely it is that there is some difference in the wiring.

If you make a backup first, then there is no harm in trying though.
Instructions for how to make a backup:

If you have a lightsaber that uses a “standard” chassis/core from a specific manufacturer (eg TXQ, LGT, 89, or ELF), it will have standard wiring and the only variances in the config will be due to the sound fonts loaded, or the blade. I am collecting a database of stock config files for these ‘standardized’ sabers–obviously, these will not work if the saber was purchased empty and custom installed, but otherwise, this will give you a place to start. Let us know which hilt/manufacturer you have and I or someone else may have a compatible config. Lastly, Profezzorn’s post about backing up the config is always the right first step.