New York in March

While I probably wouldn’t want to live in NY, I have to admit that it is a magical place for taking pictures…

(Click for more pictures)


Nice, those look great! Agreed.

How was it?

Great pics Prof. :+1: I’ve only been once and that was back in around 1992. I was visiting my sister who was at college in Umass, Amherst and we got a greyhound to the Big Apple for a weekend. Crazy place - and of course back then there was the World Trade Center, which we naturally went up. Those towers were so big you couldn’t have a single elevator shaft, so you had to change lifts a couple of times, in the same way you would change subway trains.

Definitely worth a visit, and probably even more intense now than it was then, but pretty exhausting to live there for a country bumpkin like me. :slight_smile:

Got to last go in April 2001 with a university trip. It’s a great place to visit. Even went to the Twin Towers. Lived in Westchester County for a year back in the 80s.

Bryant Park in the fog looks really cool.
Unfortunately, I’m numb to most of this as I see it all the time, but it does have it’s moments for sure.
Sunset shot is great too.

I rode the ferry at night for the first time a few days ago…that was pretty magical.

Been over a decade since I went, but it was the first place I’ve visited that actually surpassed expectations. And the pizza and street kabobs were to die for.