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Hello all! I recently found this forum and am glad I did. I have owned a Proffie v2 VHC core saber for a while now, and recently decided to build my own hilt from ‘scratch’. I have the main body together with TCSS MHSV1 parts and now I’m planning my internals. I have someone who is going to design my chassis but want to work out details of the electronics so I can do them myself and really ownership on this journey. I found the code utility download and will add that to my PC later. I have a lot of ideas in my head rolling around and will probably be asking what I can’t find an answer for on my own. Mostly about soldering and such lol. Super excited! Appreciate all the work the community has put in to pave the way for people like me. Big fan of Fett263’s blade style configurator, I use it all the time and sometimes get lost in trying all the different combos haha.


Sweet! Soldering is fun. Have you got your workstation set up?

If you’ve never soldered before or are still learning, maybe try one of these to practice on:


Or something like it. Proffie usually requires basic “through hole” soldering and “bridging”, depending on your needs.

Enjoy and ask as many screenshot free questions as you need.

I do/do not have a work station. It has to be packed up and squared away so nothing is permanent, wife only let me have one room and it’s filled with nerd stuff lol but i do have a solder kit and my wire and picoblade plug kit pre crimped, 26ga rainbow assortment for everything but power and 22ga blk/red for power. I’m waiting on my clamp card housing to arrive so I can drill and tap the hilt then send it out to the smith to get the chassis designed.

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