New user help with Proffie config

Hey everyone. I’m new here and was directed here from discord. I’m brand new to proffie blades and was wondering what help I could get.

I ordered a Fallen Order v3 from 89sabers. I updated the board to the newest proffie OS no issue following the tutorials online.

Where I find my issue is 89’s initial config (89BLUE.h) is very weird and has some strange and outdated presets.

The easiest way I’m hoping to go about this is does anyone know a place I can find a config ready to go that supports the blade and accent LEDs for this blade?

I tried messing with Workbench but if I understand right i still have outdated blade styles because the config doesn’t have anything good. Thanks!

As long as you have original config, specifically the BladeConfig info, you can try this tool. Just watch the videos and read everything and it will walk you through setting up your config.

Thanks. I have been looking into using that tool.
So one thing just so I understand, I have accent light chamber so if I want to make those flicker to match the hilt then I gotta make a style for those individually from the blade right? Or does the hilt led automatically copy the blade unless told otherwise

Each blade needs its own style.

I don’t think you understood my question. I’m sorry if I’m wording it wrong. But how can I match my accent LED on the chassis to the blade itself?

in the config helper tool you have the option to configure the blade and the accent leds, you can ensure that the options selected are the same, it is also how you wire the the accent leds.

For Proffieboard, depending on how it’s wired, all LEDs are “blades” and require a style. The BladeConfig section of your config file tells the OS how your saber is wired. If you use the config tool and enter your BladeConfig as the instructions say it will format your presets based on number of blades it finds. Main, side, accents, crystals, etc are all blades and you then add whatever styles you want. If you have 2 blades and want them to match just put the same style twice or use the library to generate matching main blade and accent styles, it’s up to you.

Of course, this assumes your accent is wired independently to an LED pad and set up in the BladeConfig as a blade. If your BladeConfig only has one blade you’ll want to check with your installer on how the Accent is wired.

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Okay. I got all the steps down and I booted my config. Everything works except Config 1. For whatever reason config 1 switches audio fonts to a random one each time I flash my ardunio. On boot, it’ll use the correct font. Once I swap fonts, it permanently swaps it to a different font

Also. Lightning lockup doesn’t work on any don’t. I might have missed something there.

Arduino can’t swap your fonts, it just compiles the config you provide it. Post your config using so we can have a look.

What do you mean, “doesn’t work”? Did your style include? What control are you using to trigger?

My font files are labeled correctly.
For my Kestis preset, i am hearing the Kylo font.
For my kylo preset, I am also hearing the Kylo font
For my party bade preset, Im hearing the Kestis font.

Kestis and Party Blade have the same associated font. Yet as I said, whenever I turn my lightsaber on, a random other font package is linked to my Kestis Preset.

And another issue I noticed. I set my blade configs to have an ignition timer of “0” which should match the .wav files. But they don’t. The style I made for Rey’s yellow config is very slow. only 50% of them work as intended

Nothing in your config would do what you’re describing, are you sure this is the config you’re uploading?
Let’s do a test.

  • In your first preset delete the “S” in " “StylePtr(),” and try to upload.
  • If it doesn’t give an error then you’re uploading a different config than you think.
  • Put the “S” back or undo the edit.

If it does give an error then it’s not the config so maybe you’re making edits on your saber without realizing, I would recommend reviewing all of the controls.

Note: The config helper tool will give you the ability to print a custom “Button/Control List”. Just click “Generate Full Config” at the bottom and a set of blue buttons will appear including the “Button / Control List”. This is the custom controls your saber uses based on the selections made.

It’s possible you’re doing the Change Font, Copy Preset or Change Style controls without realizing, those would be the only way the saber would have changes not in the config unless you’re doing other edits yourself. The saber simply can’t change a font on its own, that’s not how it works.

Check your SD card speed, lag or slow effects are almost always caused by slow or corrupted SD cards.
You’ll want to temporarily remove


from your config and upload.
Then hook your saber to the computer and go into Tools > Serial Monitor and type


It will test your SD card speed. You want 1200kbps and 12 simultaneous audio streams. If your results are less than that you can try to reformat your SD (after backing up files) and test again, be sure to ALWAYS ‘Eject’ the SD from the computer to avoid corruption. If the SD isn’t close to or better than the recommended speed you’re going to want to find a better performing SD card.

Okay well I think we found were all these weird glitches are from. my Micro SD only runs 900kbps and 10 streams. Thanks Ill order one and see if updating it helps

Yeah, that’s too low for Proffieboard, the lag and glitches will be resolved with a better SD. It wouldn’t cause font switching though.

Is there a gesture for font switching that I don’t know about? I’m not sure how I could have triggered that.

Also, is there an easy way to change button mapping?

Read the controls :wink:

You can make your own prop, but I wouldn’t call that easy.

My prop offers a bunch of customization just read the options on the config tool to enable or disable controls as you want and then print the custom “Button/Control List” so you know how to use it.

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I got a new SD card. All my store had was 64g which was excessive but it was $14 so not too bad. Copied all my stuff from the old SD to the New one and now it doesn’t work. I format it to exFat and when I plug it in, after a minute or so the saber says “SD card not found”. but the sd card works fine on my PC and other items

Remove the screenshot, it’s not necessary and takes up server space.
You need to format to FAT32, then run ‘sdtest’.

Sorry. I didn’t know that was a thing that pictures wasted space here :frowning:

I’m just trying to find help. I thought showing it could discover a potential issue. I’ll see how to format that card then.

Does anyone have a specific SD card they use on their proffie 2.2 boards? I don’t wanna buy the wrong one again

These Kioxia ones seem to be pretty quick:

Time to read blocks: Average speed: 1274.74 kb/s, 14.45 simultaneous audio streams.

I like the trusted name and performance of Kingston. I have had good success with the Canvas Select plus 32GB from them (2 for $9!) However, it can be hit or miss with the batch you receive apparently.

Speeds range from:
Time to read blocks: Average speed: 815.80 kb/s, 9.25 simultaneous audio streams.
Time to read blocks: Average speed: 1370.74 kb/s, 15.54 simultaneous audio streams.

Recently, I went direct order from Kingston for a couple of “Industrial” ones, that are also good in testing, while a little more pricey ($10 each for 8GB)

Time to read blocks: Average speed: 1255.35 kb/s, 14.23 simultaneous audio streams.