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Hi all. New to Proffie, had a 2.2 saber for a few days now. Got the hang of uploading config to the board, creating my own using Fett’s website (which is a gift from god, frankly) but just wanting to try and understand some of the more complex aspects of OS6 and OS7 functionality, things like style options, dual phase, how to use them etc. I wondered if there is either someone who can give me some pointers, or point me in the direction of some good videos etc so I can learn? Loving using Proffie over Xenopixel but the options available are amazing, but daunting at the same time. Thanks.

Style Options are selected in Edit Mode or ProffieOS Workbench, they allow you to edit how a style looks within a preset so you can have a single style used in multiple presets with different options to generate unique combinations for that preset. You can use Copy Preset in Edit Mode and then edit the style options, font, colors, etc to generate hundreds or thousands of unique presets from a single option style.

Most other features like Multi-Phase and Interactive styles will include how to use/control in the style code’s copyright information section. The videos at the top of the library will explain as well.

In addition, my config tool can walk you through set up, the videos at the top explain a lot as well.

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Thanks, much obliged. I have used your config helper to create a single style with 3 or 4 different rotoscope options etc, this has helped maximise space on the board as most of my fonts are canon ones. I’ll give those videos a watch as I’m interested in the dual and multi phase stuff, and want to know how to do it. So, cheers again. Your site is amazing. :+1:

Multi-Phase controls depend on the type you choose, there are multiple ways to do. The styles will include the control methods and set up instructions in the style information section of the code provided by the library.

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