New SD card not being read

Hi everyone, I just got my first proffie saber and started messing around with fonts and styles to get familiar with it. I wasn’t as careful as I should have been, because I ended up cracking the sd card that came with my saber.

I’ve gotten a new sd card since then and loaded fonts onto it, but whenever I power the electronics, it gives me a font directory not found, sd card not found. I’ve formatted the sd card and I’m able to access it on my laptop, and I’ve tried different ProffieOS versions, but nothing seems to get the board to recognize the sd card.

If anyone has any insight I’d appreciate it.

See here:

I have been looking through that thread to see if there’s something I can do to fix this, my problem is slightly different because I haven’t been able to boot correctly since, as opposed to it happening intermittently. I always get the “sd card not found” sound.

OK, so then this begs the question did you also damage the SD card slot on the board at that time?

I remember hearing an audible snap, I have a suspicion that it might’ve happened but I don’t know how to tell for sure.

I’d infer that if you applied enough force to break the card while it was in the SD slot AND your board can no longer read SD cards that you more likely than not damaged something in there. You can try to inspect the slot but I’d say your description answers the issue, you’ll want to see if anyone is able to repair or replace the board.
You can wait to see if anyone else answers here, but I think it’s likely broken.

It was the new SD card I was trying to use! I don’t know exactly what the difference was between the microSD I had before and the one I had bought, but what tipped me off was that when I placed the cracked one, it was able to detect it, just not read the data.

Since at least able to detect 1 out of 2 that I had tried, I hunted for another one, and took one off an old raspberry pi I’m not using at the moment. I cleaned the partitions, formatted it, and put my fonts in there. And once again it works!

Thanks for the help man I appreciate it.

Ok, glad to hear.