New saber with OLED

I’m not really sure if this information is somewhere already but I’m getting ready to build my third saber and I’d like to incorporate an OLED screen. I also like the simplicity of the one button config, is it possible to use one button for this? From what I’ve read it sounds like I need a two button set-up so the AUX button can control the OLED screen. Has anyone made a one button saber with an OLED?

You do not need any buttons to control the oled screen.

Is that something you would control through the config file then? Each font would have a specified display? I must have miss understood what I was reading about OLED’s.

So I’ve looked around the GitHub for the OS as well as the Proffie OS download and I see that it has display configs, where would those be added in? The config or the Arduino code? I would assume it’s similar to the way you incorporate prop files.

You need to put some code into the config file to add support for the OLED display to ProffieOS. Everything else is done by adding files into the font directory or change variables in the config.txt file in the font directory. Basically, the oled configuration works more like a sound font than a blade configuration.

Gotcha, I will have to let you know when the OLED screen comes in and if I have any trouble with it. Thank you for your help!

This might be helpful:

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Thank you!

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