New Proffieboard 2.2

I have already done 2 other Proffieboard set ups. So I have no problem getting my plug in on them I do have to reinstall my zadig always. I plug in my new Proffieboard and it automatically shows up on devices and printers and 32 bootloader mode. The port is greyed out on Arduino. Usually shows up as Proffieboard til I reset it. I thought it was because I at first didn’t have my SD card in it. So I do and I shut everything down restarted the computer and Arduino. Also nothing different. Reset the board holding the 2 buttons. Nothing different. Any help would be appreciated.

Ya I know that video. I am wondering if I should get rid of my driver for it ST32 bootloader, maybe that will do it. I never had this show up as stmbootloader without resetting the board.

delete the STM32 BOOTLOADER driver if you want themn ruun proffie-dfu-setup to simply install the right driver:

I went into the control panel. Too device manager uninstalled the stm32 bootloader and deleted the drivers. Soon as I plug the Proffieboard in shows up again as stm32 bootloader. Not understanding. Won’t plug in either still to Arduino. My other 2 boards operate perfectly I just usually have to reinstall drivers. This board is in bootloader mode with drivers automatically but won’t connect?

There are three possible reasons for the board always showing up as STM32 BOOTLOADER:

  1. the BOOT button is stuck, or shorted in some way. (Measure with multimeter.)
  2. The board has no program on it. This can be resolved by simply doing an upload in Arduino. No port is required if the board is already in bootloader mode.
  3. The board or CPU is broken in some way, contact your vendor for warranty.

(2) should basically never happen, because the board is programmed during the testing process. If you find a board with no program, it has not been tested.

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Ok . Hey thanks again. I was able to go the upload without the plug in. Where I got the Proffieboard you said probably didn’t go through the testing process. Went back to showing there was a Proffieboard in my devices. Comm showed up everything seems normal now. Saber is up and running. I bought 2 of these so I just didn’t think bolth of these boards could be bad. Just curious if you do need to test the reset buttons. Is it continuity your testing for?

Yes, you just need to test continuity to test the buttons.
The test process for boards have hundreds of tests though, and you don’t want to do all of that manually.