New printer

I’ve decided that it’s time to print, frame and hang some of my hundreds of thousands of photos that I’ve taken. To that end I got a new toy:

Google Photos

I’m learning that printing and framing pictures might be harder than taking good pictures. Need to practice grading, finding the right paper, frame, matboard and make it all fit together.

My current plan is:

  • Canon PRO-1000 printer (can print images up to 17x49 inches)
  • Red River Palo Duro Baryta Fiber 300, 17x25
  • inexpensive 20x28 frame(s)
  • cut my own matboard from 20x32 stock

We’ll see how it all works out.

The print in the picture is US Letter size, 8.5x11 inches. It’s printed on glossy paper, which I have now realized that I don’t really like. There is a ton of “fine art photo paper”, which has a little bit of texture to it, which looks much nicer for large prints IMHO. Most fine art paper comes in 17x22 size though, not 17x25. However, both my photos and the available frames seems to make 17x25 a better match, which only seems to be available from Red River paper. (Unless you just buy a roll and cut it yourself of course.)

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This turns out to be harder than I thought.
So far, I haven’t found a 20x28 frame I like.

Here is a 20x24 frame that I like:
Google Photos
The mat opening is 16x20, which is a common size, but smaller than what the printer can do.

The 20x28 frames I bought are cheap, and they look cheap too:
Google Photos
See the seams in the corners?
See how much glare there is?
Also, the “glass” is cheap plastic, and it’s not really flat.