New PCB's

So I went down the rabbit hole of PCB design this week. Basically I was looking for a 4-pole connector to mount under an MHS tri-cree LED holder. Shtok sells some nice 4-pole connectors that are intended for a speaker/battery combo, and I have a few of them laying around, but I started wondering if it would be possible to find some SMD resistors to mount to the opposite side of the board. Turns out there is…I did a lot of digging on Digi-Key and came up with this list for all the different Cree LED’s:

Anyway, I ended up designing way too many boards…I realize options are already out there for most of these, but buying things is not nearly as fun as laboring over an unintuitive program for 20 hours :expressionless:

Here is a close-up of the Tri-Cree board:


There is a lot of space on those panels.
If you ever want to make a lot of those you should pack things tighter.

Good point, that panel is conglomeration of two different models…I really need to take the time and arrange everything in one model.