New OLED animation tool

Made this python tool to automatically dither and crop letterboxing of videos, and then turn them into a single image for OLED proffie animations :slight_smile: All you have to do is copy and paste the video path into the terminal… I may have already put all of a new hope onto my saber :laughing:

It will also work for people who want to make text animations in after effects or any tool easier, where they can just export an animation mp4 instread of handmaking each frame :slight_smile:

I’ll be honest, I didn’t really look into existing tools, so maybe something like this already exists? oh well :stuck_out_tongue:

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imagemagic “convert” can do something very similar I think.
Although it might be harder to use.


Here’s an example! I added a small update today to make gif previews :slight_smile: The bmp it outputs is actually properly formatted in 1bit inverted 128,x, unlike the gif, dont worry :sweat_smile:


While I’m here, is there a way to make the proffie play one animation after the other? ex. boot1, boot2, boot3… I know right now that would randomly play them, but I want to play the original trilogy on my saber in the right order😂 but the boards memory isn’t large enough to load all the frames. I think around 2 minutes of frames and it turns to static. Any advice?

Currently, no, there is no way to do that without writing some code for it.
The board never loads more than one frame at a time though, so a I don’t think there should be a 2-minute limit anywhere… The limit should be ~40 minutes or so for non-looping images.

For looping images, the limit is much lower, maybe that’s what you’re seeing?

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They are looping, that is probably what it is. I’ll look into that! thanks

info starts here on the page:

In general, I also recommend the PBM P3 format over BMP.
BMP is a complicated format that supports a LOT of things, which also means there are more things that can go wrong.