New MultiBlast variant: "MultiBlade"?

Hello There! I had a thought while I was in my room smacking my hilt and the blade to hear the different clashes and I had a thought. What if there was a feature like Multiblast, but instead of using blaster blocks, it used blade clashes, that way you can pretend you’re in a one on one saber fight? It could be an extension or a second mode of Battle Mode, the first can be configured to be for going up against blasters, using blaster blocks when you swing your saber, and the second can be just for saber fights when you don’t have something to smack or someone to actually fight with; meaning it uses blade clashes when you swing your saber to simulate it. Not sure if this has already been don’t, is in the works or thought up before but I figured what the hell. Thank you and I hope to hear some feedback on the idea! MTFBWY!

The theory off the top of my head would be to copy/paste the multiblast code in the prop, then edit it to use a different button+swing combo to enter “multiclash” mode, with the effect being a USER defined effect that is set up to use clash visuals and sounds.

I’ll give it a shot! Thanks!