New Issue Proffie OS6 (SD card contents vanished)

So here is something new and a bit wild I havent seen yet. Had a saber I just completed for install. Everything worked great. Battery died over night and when I popped in a fresh one I get “font directory not found” x 2. Hit reset button on proffie and same thing. Then, here comes the wild part, I popped in the SD into my computer and all the fonts are gone (see screen shot). Anyone ever seen anything like that before?

Looks like something got corrupted on the SD itself. Are you using “Mass Storage” for USB Type in Arduino > Tools? I usually recommend not doing this if you’re able to get to and use SD card externally. If you have “Mass Storage” enabled your computer will connect to the SD when you plug the board in and if you forget to “Eject”, which I see a lot of users do, it can corrupt the SD card like this.
I don’t think the OS would have done this type of corruption, it’s more likely your computer corrupted a file or file(s) because you didn’t “Eject” properly or the SD card went bad somehow.

I’ve never seen that happen before, that being the SD card was in the board, the battery went low, then the SD got corrupted.
?Was this card formatted using SD Memory Card Formatter | SD Association

It’s unusual, but it happens.
Any time a write to the SD card is interrupted, there is a small chance that something goes wrong.
Most of the time, this happens because your computer is writing to the SD card through “mass storage”, and then it gets interrupted because someone disconnects it, or hits the “upload” button.
most of the time it’s fine.
Sometimes it’s not.

Always backup your SD cards.

Thanks for the reply. To confirm if I can access the SD card for removal from the saber then I dont need mass storage and can select. Serial + WebUSB?

Yup, I never use Mass Storage and typically tell users to only use if they can’t get to the SD or remove it. Having Mass Storage will always have the computer trying to connect to it, which as noted can lead to corruption of the card especially if you fail to Eject properly.

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It’ll also save you a good 5k or so bytes of mem turning off Mass Storage.

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Most Amazon or eBay as cards come with sd card adapter and it’s best to have it accessible.