New favorite SD card for Proffie use

After a few years of post-pandemic SD card troubles, I took a gamble on this:

Suffice to say, I’m very pleased with the performance and price on this one.
Average speed: 2978.04 kb/s, 36.37 simultaneous audio streams on a proffie v3 (SDIO Default speed).
Average speed: 1292.96 kb/s, 14.92 simultaneous audio streams on a proffie v2.2

Have to convert from exFAT to FAT32, but once that’s done, pretty damn good read/write to copy font files and no audio tics.


AmazonBasic stuff can be fantastic deals sometimes, since it’s almost always made by someone else and then just sold under the Amazon name, and cheaper than the original.

The drawback is of course that they could switch supplier at any time, but I suppose that is true for all SD card brands.

Of course, the real thest of a good SD card is to see how long it lasts. :slight_smile: