New build, Soundboard is working, hilt-side LED is working but blade and illuminated switch are not

Yeah, that was what I was misunderstanding.

Oh, ok. I knew it wouldn’t be a full short, but I thought there should show enough continuity to not be OL either… I thought there would be some measured resistance value. But that does explain things better!

Sorry about the ticks, I’ll fix it. And yeah I uploaded it three or four times trying different things lol.

Hmmm. Damn that may have been the issue .

This also may have been the issue but unfortunately I rolled with what I got working and it is a very tight almost permanent package. It’s going to be stuck this way for now lol… the illuminated switch lights up with clash detection.

I finally got it mostly fixed… Not sure what I did or why it worked, but as I was concerned about in my other thread (Number of lines per preset in config?) the issue seem to be related to the number blades configured.

Eventually, I tried a completely stock config “with one blade” (instead of the 4 it wanted me to use) and after uploading it, the blade worked! I added back the illuminated switch to the config generator (“for a 2nd blade”), and now everything is working (mostly…aside from the illuminated switch not** being illuminated on when the blade is on**). Even the illuminated Pogo pin PCB is working, while not being configured as a separate blade.

Edit: I forgot to mention the other tweak I had to make it get it working was to switch from an Illuminated PCB to WS2811/Neopixel in the config generator (which is how I got down to 1 blade.)