Neopixel blade don’t light up

Hello, I’m new here so be gentle, this is my first build ever and to this point has been a blast. Anyway, once I was done building it, after plugging in the blade, it won’t light up, however I do get sound, motion and the led in the emitter turns on fine according to the fonts in the sd card, I thought I had a bad data1 or data2 ports on the board but I’m getting ac front it when testing with the ground with my multimeter. The blade came from another hilt and it works fine. Could this be a configuration problem?

It could be a configuration problem.
It could also be a host of other things.
Post your configuration and tell us which FETs are hooked up to your blade.

Adding more info, I got the the n-pixel pcb from Korbanth and this is the way that I wired the board

Here is a picture of the pcb that I used next to a clean one to better understanding, I don’t think I solder anything wrong but I’m not sure to be honest since this is my first built. I apologize for the E600 on the pcb but I thought I was done and I had to put it apart to see if I made a mistake, so it’s kinda messy.

Hello, thank you for responding. I hope the pictures that I uploaded answer this question since I’m not sure what FETs are

Your solder points all seem be blobbed together in the middle. That will short out the data and negative lines.

I thought that too, I tested continuity to confirm that I had not mess it up. They are all separate. The glue on top does not help since I removed it from the hilt cause I thought I was done. Now, judging by your experience is everything solder to the right location?

So I just noticed that I had not removed the R1 resistor from the emitter. However when I removed it, the leds stop working. Did I removed the wrong one? I can not get any info anywhere about this specific Pcb that I bought. Most of the pictures that I find are slightly different, so I’m not sure if I removed the right one. I might just buy the one that I see all over anyway. At this point I want to understand what I did wrong.

Without documentation, you would need to measure or follow the traces on the board to know if R1/R2 should be removed or not.

It’s difficult to know if all your connections are correct or not since we only see one side of the connection. We would also need pictures of where the wires end…

FETs (Field Effect Transistor) is a component that controls power. Proffieboards have six of them, hooked up to the LED1-6 pads. So when I asked what FET it’s hooked up to, I really just mean “which LED pad is it hooked up to?”

Finally, please post your config file so that we can see if it is matching up with your wiring or not.

Got it, here is my config

This is the configuration that i used, i have check continuity with my tester to see if i had not made any mistakes while soldering. im assuming that everything works (except for the blade) since i get sound, motion and everything else just fine. now to answer the question about the FETs (thank you for teaching me btw) im using led 2 and led 3 to connect the Pcb and led 1 for the cc

I see you have two blades which share FETs, but you don’t have #define SHARED_POWER_PINS, add that and see if it works better.

That’s a Shadowfoil Props logo on it, you could ask
@shadowfoil to confirm, but typically the way these things are made is with options to run the onboard LEDs separately, in parallel, or in series with the main blade.
Based on the photo (and the hint of traces on the board), I’d guess that the “D” pad takes in data, passes it to both resistors in parallel, with R1 feeding the onboards, and R2 passing to the center pin.
If you remove R2, there’s a dead end and no data gets to the center pin … Unless you bridge the jumper. That’ll take the data out from the last onboard LED and pipe it to the center pin (series).

Here’s the “other” version


Thanks Sam.

Thank you so much for helping me, I’ll try this later and I’ll post here if it worked (it will).

So I installed everything as with the correct configuration, but for some reason I’m getting this (see picture below) I have tried the blade in another hilt and it works fine. my guess is that the configuration is wrong but not sure what exactly. Any ideas?

Could this be the reason why the blade doesn’t light up all the way?

Maybe you mixed up data1 and data2?
Try switching them in the config file and see if works better?

I think you might be right! I’ll have an update at the end of the day