Need help with tip drag


Brand new to proffie and I spent this past weekend tinkering. I have a decent handle on how the whole config file edit and upload works now.

The one thing that I seemed to have messed up is that I can no longer do tip drag, melt, or lock.
Basically any of the functions where i have to hold the pwr button and hit the saber has been disabled.

How can i re enable these functions? I have a 1 button 1 blade setup with proffie 2.2. Attached is my config file. Thanks in advance

myconfig2.h (108.6 KB)

Nothing suspicious in the config, which way is your USB port facing, toward blade or away from?
Does normal clash work?

USB port is towards the blade. Regular clash works. If i do the 3 clicks + hold on the pwr button to change it to battle mode i can get the melt and drag effects to work. So i’m assuming something is wrong with the button config somehow? Thanks

Add this define:

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looks like it’s working now, how can i adjust the sensitivity to activate the drag and melt? Is it per preset or 1 overall setting for all presets? Thanks

You’d just lower CLASH_THRESHOLD_G in your config.

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