Need Help Making A Special Bladestyle

I was think of making some soundfonts related to Wonder Weapons from the Call of Duty Zombies maps and Ive tried using Fetts bladestyle builder and just messing around with the Bladestyle Editor but i cant quite get what I was hoping for

Would someone be able to make a Raygun MK1 and Wunderwaffe DG-2 bladestyles

Both with a small glow at the emitter and a “blaster” type effect that runs up the blade when triggering the blaster block noise

A force effect to act like a reload where the little glow at the emitter goes away for the length of the reload/force effect wav file if that makes any sense

(Edit - preferably in OS6 if possible)

How about some pieces to play with?
First you likely want the base color to be black, so your style would start like:
Blaster shot running up blade could be something like:
Alternately, you could send a TrWave theat originates at the hilt end up the blade instead:

Emitter glow is a basic bump shape 1/2 buried in the hilt (centered at position zero)
Make it fancy and pulsing a little?

To make the emitter glow go away for the duration of reload, you could just cover it with a layer of Black for however long the force (reload) sound is, like:
And “ignition and retraction” could just be turning it on or off (emitter glow comes and goes away):

See it in action here:

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thank you I’m pretty sure this will be exactly what I’m looking for, I’ll give it a test with my sounds to see how it fits together :smiley:

This works very well for the Ray Gun but is there something that could be added on top of the blaster effect to give it more of a lightning bolt look for the Wunderwaffe, I’m not sure what a lightning bolt would look like exactly but something with a little more character / variation?

I am not familiar with the weapons you speak of, but sure, you could do something like the “summon the lightning” effect that Fett263 used for Thor I think??

Something like this instead of Red, something with more pizazz:

that’s not bad looking at it in the editor it definitely has some nice variation to it, could I have that with 2 colors? (Ghost White and Light Cyan maybe)

Play in the editor. click the thing you want to change in the right hand structured view column. It’s a great starting point, just keep in mind that real world blades don’t have as much definition and/or exact color results.

thank you for time and help with my little project :smiley: