Need Help - All Blade Styles Seem to be full RGB mix - Neopixel

After trying to set up new blade profiles, failing and then resetting to default SD card files and default board configs all of my blade colors are white. Changing them with the USB web editor does nothing. What could possibly be going on? I’m admittedly very new to this and the programming side is a little over my head but I was able to get this set up just fine initially.

Post your config (use and share the URL).

Here’s the current config:

Do you have an RGBW blade? Your BladeConfig is expecting a 4 color blade instead of 3 colors, that may be the issue.

BladeConfig blades[] = {
 { 0, WS281XBladePtr<144, bladePin, Color8::GRBw, PowerPINS<bladePowerPin2, bladePowerPin3> >(), CONFIGARRAY(presets) },

If you don’t have RGBW then try changing to this:

BladeConfig blades[] = {
 { 0, WS281XBladePtr<144, bladePin, Color8::GRB, PowerPINS<bladePowerPin2, bladePowerPin3> >(), CONFIGARRAY(presets) },

I don’t suppose you have an older, working configuration file somewhere?

You are a lifesaver sir idk HOW I missed that! I completely remember having to fix that initially now. Hazards of not playing with this stuff frequently.

Cool, glad to here.