My proposed design with questions (...and suggestions for website configurator)

Hi, I’m about to build my second Proffie-based saber, and have a few questions where I would appreciate input.

This design will be based around a v3.9 board as I’d like to take advantage of the native USB charging.

I’ll also be implementing a rotary encoder that has a built-in momentary switch.


  • Can anyone see any issues with my proposed wiring or make any suggestions?

  • Given that the charging port will be a USB C port exposed by the hilt, there is no in-built kill switch (like a barrel connector has). Ideally I’d like a saber that I can just charge/flash using the hilt’s USB C, without the need to unscrew the grip to engage a slide-switch style kill switch. Is my design suitable for this use? Can I safely omit the physical kill-switch for the USB charging?

  • My design wires the encoder’s push-switch to BT1, and the rotary pins to BT2 and BT3. I believe this is fine, but please let me know if there’s any issues with this.

  • The rotary encoder requires a positive for the encoder’s 2x pullup pins. Is the 3.3v pin on the Proffie board the best to use for this as illustrated in my diagram?

Lastly, I have a couple of suggestions for the website’s configurator pages:

  • It would be good to have a option of USB charging + data port (Currently only has barrel connector)
  • It would be good to have an option for a rotary encoder in the buttons dropdown.

Thanks in advance!

The circuit diagram looks good.

Sure, but its pretty straightforward, might be easier and neater to have it shown separately.

Perhaps, but very few people have asked for this, and the support for rotary encoders is not that great… yet…


Thanks for confirming Fredrik, and for the work you do.

re: the kill switch - can you confirm if it’s ok to charge and flash the board in this layout without a separate physical kill switch?

It is, although I would probably still recommend having a kill switch for long term storage. Unless you can just remove the battery of course.

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