My fully custom “JediKiller” saber build

My personal JediKiller lightsaber that I built for my own collection using a custom designed one-off hilt made by Denis Lukyanov with a lot of my own modifications and upgrades.


• hilt length: 275mm
• hilt weight with battery: 500g
• full metal custom Crystal Chamber
• Proffieboard v2.2 sound board
• Neopixel (Pixelblade) quick removable blade setup with SCW NPXL lit pogo-pin connector
• “Blade Detection” feature - changes sound and light presets when blade is inserted/removed
• bluetooth remote control via the “ForceSync” smartphone app
• USB type-C port for battery charging, firmware upgrades and SD card files access
• standard 2.1mm battery recharge port
• removable 18650 Li-Ion 3.7V 3000mAh 15A Protected battery as a power source
• 3W 8 Ohm 30mm speaker
• real quartz Crystal in the open chamber
• LED indicators for battery charge status and bluetooth signal Receive/Transmit


Wow… I bet that puts a smile on your face every time you pic it up😁
Seriously though, that is some good work.
Bet it took a while to build that one?!

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