My free fonts. Enjoy!

I made these out of sci-fi, electrical, and other found SFX, with some standard fare game sounds. There’s plenty of Canon character fonts already. I just like having a gyro enabled controller to swing around and trigger gnarly sounds.


Throat. Yes…aside from some normal clashes mixed in, it’s all from my mouth.

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Someone just did a MyLittlePony one. We need a Teletubbie and LooneyTunes one.

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I’m dying with the Throat font. That’s going on whatever build I finish next!

That was - woke up with early morning deep voice, grabbed the mic, made just enough air to vibrate vocal chords…then did some coughs, some zzzhhhheeeummms, pwuuh, …don’t ask about the concaphony that is the lockup sound. lol
But the smoothswings and hums are pretty dark!

Darth Eso Phagus

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Niiice! That’s hilarious