My config is stuffed how to revert back to the original config

HI peeps,

I was checking my saber and I messed up the style, versus the font. and I want to revert back to the default config I uploaded. do I need to remove the tmp or the INI?

Meaning you changed things in edit mode or in the ProffieOS Workbench?
Then yes, to use the uploaded config as-is, delete presets.ini and .tmp.

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Assuming the builder actually defined the presets in the specific .h file they used for that hilt.

Technically speaking, as long as you expose all the blade styles, you could totally just setup the config file manually. I would hope no installer did that cause… dick move cause then I’d assume they were depending on “Keep Save Files When Programming” which would be awful. But given how many people out there do installs, I feel like there MUST be at least a few that end up in this nightmare lol.

When you say default config you uploaded, are you referring to with Arduino IDE? Or like you copied your own presets.ini over?

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thanks for that. I appreciate the suggestion. I’ll try that later.