My 2nd config

Greetings everyone. I have been working with my second config file. First it was that I was going over the memory. I adjusted that. Now I am at 86% of memory. I flash the board but it’s very slow when changing presets and it only plays 1 out of 3 presets. i also made sure that there is a common file in he sd card.
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That 86% is the on board flash storage, not RAM. Laggy presets usually happens with underspecced SD cards. Which specific one do you have?

Delete the presets.ini file from the SD card.
You have #define KEEP_SAVEFILES_WHEN_PROGRAMMING active in the config.
That is telling the board to use the presets.ini file for information on your presets, instead of using the newly uploaded version from your config.

Im using a patriot micro SD card for this particular config. I do have a SanDisk. I will use that one instead. Thanks Astromech

NoSloppy, thanks again. I appreciate your help. Im still learning the OS and the editor. I use it to see the blade effects from some of the fonts that I have. I combine that with the YouTube videos that the makers have posted.
Still haven’t figure out how to start one from scratch.
I do love the OS library that Fett263 has created. Can’t wait to see what other tricks he will pulling of his sleeve.

hey guys an update:
i used a scan disk this time. problem continues. i place the batt, it takes about 30 seconds to play the initial boot sound. it only plays 2 presets with its corresponding font. the edit menu is very hard to find. i can only get:
volume,gestures on/off and when it gets to presets it doesn’t do anything. no color menu, no blade style, no beeping for any selections. i have maintained an 88% on the flash board. i took away the ini files.
do you guys think that i may have to reset the board? i have wiped clean the sd card by formatting
thanks again to all.

Did you remove or comment out the
#define KEEP_SAVEFILES_WHEN_PROGRAMMING from your config file?
Did you use this to format the SD card?

Formatting is only a solution for when the SD card can’t be found, not performance problems.
Run sdtest in the serial monitor and see what that says.
(Note that you need to take DISABLE_DIAGNOSTIC_COMMANDS out of your config file before you can run sdtest.)

Thanks for advice on the SD formatter. It helped. But the edit menu is still iffy. No beeps, can’t get the menu to work entirely.

What am I looking for with the sdtest?

The most important number is the number of simultaneous streams, but I recommend just posting the whole thing within triple-backticks (`)

i found out what is the problem. the usb connector that goes to the board is loose. so i will be putting everything on hold until i can solve this issue.
thanks to all