Mute option in Volume menu

I’ve checked around and I haven’t found anything, including requests, regarding a mute level past minimum volume level in the volume menu. 10-100% is great, but why not 0-100%? I know that you can ignite muted, but it doesn’t skip the preon. As far as I know, there isn’t a way to do gesture ignitions muted. An option like Xenopixel where you select mute in the menu, but it still plays systems sounds at the minimum volume would be nice. Or am I just missing something like a stepper on direct volume level instead of percentage based?

Honestly, I’d be down for a fully muted option in the volume control. You’d have to leave menu sounds at some volume though.

It would be nice if it were like a Xenopixel where the mute option only mutes the saber sounds, but leaves the system sounds at minimum volume. Or, if you have an OLED that’s externally visible with menu images like I do on my Sabertrio, mute all sounds altogether.

This would be something the prop file controls.

Separating global volume from saber sound volume could probably be done by telling hybrid_font to use values of zero for volHum and volEff.
Shouldn’t be that hard. Making that stick from preset to preset might be a little more challenging.

Now that I think about this a little, system sounds don’t play when the blade is on anyway, and that’s when mute is active. It unmutes on blade retraction.
So effectively, we already do this currently?
A “permanent” mute toggle is easy to do too, but that would indeed kill all sounds until toggled off.

I guess in the end it’s mostly a method to use gesture ignitions muted. As far as I know, there isn’t a way to do it without having to press the ignition button, which in turn activates the preon. Fett two button is power twice, but actually starts with sound for a split second until the second press. My sabertrio is custom and it’s aux then power, which ignites with no sound at all. Still doesn’t allow for gesture ignitions with no sound. That’s why I pointed to Xeno because it works with gestures. It’s stays that way until you unmute, but you can still hear the system sounds when adjusting volume, changing fonts, blade selection, etc… System sounds remain at the lowest volume.

Yeah you can definitely easily code in a mute control that toggles volume to zero and stays that way until you untoggle. That would mean your gestures or any kind of ignition would be silent. Whether or not preon plays or not can also be set to listen whether mute is on or not easily.
Long story short, it’s all just custom coding in the prop file.
Actually separating system sounds from blade-is-on saber effect sounds is a whole nother thing, but can be worked around by simply muting and unmuting based on blade on or off state.