Multiple Proffie 2.2s: popping sound when amp powers on or off


I have recently installed 2 of several Proffie 2.2s I purchased from AliExpress.

These have both been installed in different TXQ cores which had proffies that were overheating after using a faulty USB cable. Apart from the heat and excessive battery drain, the sabers functioned perfectly fine (including audio). So I desoldered the Proffies and installed the new boards.

Both chassis now exhibit the same behaviour. A loud pop/click sound when the amp gets powered on or off (I think). I can use the saber for a long time (ignited) and the only sound issues are when it first gets ignited, and when the off sound finishes playing.

I have tried:
New batteries
New speakers
Checking my soldering
New Configs
Different versions of ProffieOS

Zero change in the popping behaviour.

Here is a short video showing the issue

Is this an Amp issue I should be claiming as DOA from the seller or something else I have missed?

This one is new to me. I suggest talking to the seller.
My guess is that they used the wrong part, either for the amplifier or the booster.

I suppose it could be some sort of software bug, but again, it’s new to me.

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Check your wiring. Those guys are known for attaching LEDs to speakers.
In the video, it looks like your speaker is pretty well “sucked in” while running, then snapping back to neutral when off.
It should extrude equally in and out as it runs. It’s as if you have a DC offset applied to your audio.

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Thanks, Do you mean something other than that speaker neg and pos go to the speaker? because they do. Is there another area that I should be triple checking?

The question is if they go to anything else in addition to the speaker…

No they are straight runs (via a connector) but I can see they are not going anywhere else.

When i transplanted the proffies I just went wire for wire. The sound wasn’t there on the original board, (i very specifically checked before i transplanted the second one due to the appearance of the sound on the first)

Well I’ve marked “checking the wiring” as a solution because on check number 4 I finally realised my dumbass wired the speaker to a ground pad next to speaker positive instead of speaker negative on both boards.

I’m so ashamed.

Well, at least we know what to look for next time we see/hear a problem like this. :slight_smile: