Morningstar planninq

Hey all, so my sabers have been in Storage for over a year and I’m now super motivate to start building again. Step 1. Practice soldering.


Teaser images of said sabers or it won’t happen. LOL

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Enough proof for ya?


Heeheehee. Yes

yeah just plugged in the usb to the proffie board in the shot and it started over heating. I think there’s a short somewhere.
i have another board but i’m going to have to rewire that proffie board.

Ouch. Bust out the magnifier and some rubbing alcohol.

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Yeah did that and removed all the wires. But now I have another issue.

Unable to Flash a board topic.

So I cut off all the wires, and I’m going to desolder the board with some flux and wick. Wish me luck.

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Hey peeps so I tried the flux and solder wick plus the solder pump and here is the result.

It’s better but I may need to get this done properly done. I’m going to start with my simpler build.

Looks like not enough heat nor flux applied to the wick.
It should suck it up like a tshirt sucks up water, leaving just a silvered pad with a hole.
I dip the wick in flux and hit it with an 800 degree iron.

I’m like 800 degrees!!! that is WAY too hot!!!
Oh wait… farenheight…
It’s still fairly hot, but that can be useful sometimes.
HOT + FAST means the heat spreads less, but you have to be quick, or it will melt stuff.

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Yes Farenheight!
With the right solder, it always works just perfectly for me.

What’s that in Celsius?

Like 425ish

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Not sure if soldering station goes that high. I’ll have to check later.

So yeah it does but I was using 350 so that explains it. I might give it a go.

Woohoo heat was what it needed.

Ok So I think I recovered this.

Now, where is my schematic print out for this build.

Well it’s probably in the garage. But I did fix my data line and I now have wires In the chassis.

You lost button 2 and a speaker pad. Hopefully the other side of the board still has them intact.

I checked the continuity and all pads on both sides are beeping.

Opposite side.

Thought I’d record this for you if it helps. Caffeine hands and all :slight_smile: