Modify font behavior without deleting/editing files?

I’m curious if it’s possible to modify some of the font behaviors at a global or local level without editing/removing files in the folders themselves. Specifically, I tend to not really go in for all the music and quotes and just want a simple sound when i switch from font to font or power up the saber. I know I can replace the files with other files, but this feels clunky and hard to manage to me, and I imagine there might be a way to do it with an ini file or something similar.

If you mean font.wav or boot.wav then you’d have to modify the OS, they are not controlled in an .ini they are handled by the OS, which will give you more of a headache long-term. Removing or replacing sounds in the fonts is easier and will maintain the change when you make updates.

Thought as much. Thanks!

You can do this with font search paths.
You’ll still need to add some custom files, but they don’t have to be in the same directory as the fonts.

Like, if you wanted to use the same “boot.wav” for all fonts, you could add it in a directory called “override” or something, then add that to all the font paths in your config file. (Similar to how “common” works, but you put it before the font directory instead of after, like: "override;font;common"

I don’t follow what you mean by font paths in the config file? I know we have the folder name; is that actually a path? So like if i’m using “Red” I could put “override;Red” and put the boot.wav in the override folder without modifying Red?

That is correct.
Of course “override” could be called anything.
You could just as well use “banana;Red” and put boot.wav in the banana folder.

Confirmed. All overrides will be in the banana folder in the future.

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