MISC. help

Hello again. Been a while. Got another saber (proffie v2.2) a bit back and havent had time to cycle thru some basic issues but figured id post to jump start me thru it. Not completely understanding so anyway. Basically the board is showing up in Port: Comm 3 and my other saber connects to Comm 4.
Moving forward when i connect it and all to aduino i have always have to reboor/reset to show in STM bootloader even on 1st saber, no issues.

Seems here now when i do Itll make the noise, the computer does its recognizition noise but the saber disconnects from the pc. As in: i dont see the memory card folder open anymore that auto pops up and cannot look and see it.
Do i have a driver issue?
I checked Zadig and all that.
Thought since its been a while to uninstall some stuff and start fresh.

Basically saber doesnt light up all the way, its set up for a 32" in the config and i have a 36". No big deal, easy but cant get passed this the few times ive had to troubleshoot.

Am i missing someting, i mean obviously but does something stick out here?

You don’t need to press the buttons unless the board does not show up on a COM port and you’re setting up the computer for the first time.
The SD card will only mount to the computer if you’ve uploaded with Tools>USB Type set to Serial + Mass Storage.
If the board is running ProffieOS, it will not mount the SD.

Read this to better understand the modes the board boots in, and when, and why installing the correct driver on Windows matters:

Proffieboards either boot into normal mode, running ProffieOS, or bootloader mode (just like a PC can boot into normal Windows OS or into the BIOS to set core settings). Each of those states looks like a different device to the PC. Different devices require different drivers to talk to your computer properly.
If you install the wrong driver for a device, it’s not going to work, simply put.

When booted normally and running ProffieOS, the board show up as a “Proffieboard”, a composite serial device (CDC data etc…) and will use usbser.sys driver.
Windows typically sees this device when first connected and installs the driver on its own.
When it’s in bootloader mode and showing as STM32BOOTLOADER, it needs WinUSB v6.1.7600.16385 driver installed with Zadig.
It’s a one-time setup installation when the PC sees the board for the first time in bootloader mode.
It needs this because Arduino is going to put the board in bootloader so the board can receive programming.
Then when the upload is complete, the board reboots back into normal ProffieOS.
*** If you do not put the Proffieboard into bootloader mode before running Zadig, you are doing it wrong, and installing the wrong driver for the board because it’s still connected as a “Proffieboard” composite device at that point.

Putting the board into bootloader mode so you can run Zadig and install the correct driver for STM32BOOTLOADER device can be done 2 ways, either with the onboard buttons, or via Serial Monitor in Arduino.
Serial Monitor command is simply choosing the COM port with the “Proffieboard” under Arduino menu Tools>Port, and sending the command RebootDFU.

If the computer has forgotten the driver, or the driver was overwritten, or SOME stupid Windows thing happened… you might just need to re-run Zadig.