MicroSD vs MicroSDHC

I purchased a 3 pack of these:

And blindly stuck one in my usual sd card to USB adapter…and now it is stuck forever. Not a big loss but now understand that SD and SDHC aren’t the same physical item (or technical).

Provided I use the proper adapter/slot for moving files to the card, are these cards ok to use with Proffie V2.2? What’s the deal with SD vs SDHC?

They are listed in the manual in the “excellent” category, but this moment of incompatible hardware has shaken my confidence.

SDHC is an SD standard that has been available since 2006. Almost all cards 32Gb or less are SDHC cards. Unless your USB reader is ancient, it shouldn’t have a problem with reading your card.
SD cards > 32Gb are SDXC, which is really the same thing with a few few more protocol bits to support the larger size. I’ve tested proffieOS with cards up to 128Gb, so SDXC, SDHC and SDSC should all work with ProffieOS.

That’s a relief. And I have something worse than an ancient SD card reader: a brand new Mac Air :slight_smile: