Micro usb to use

Lately the saber I bought have hard to access micro usb port on the board
Any recommendation on cable?
I am using a slim one, but still can’t fit
Micro usb used from Amazon
xiwai 1.0M Up Angled USB 2.0 Type-A Male to Micro USB 5Pin Male Data Flat Slim FPC Cable for FPV & Disk & Phone https://a.co/d/5ijKbPS

And my board

I’m not aware of anything slimmer than the cable you’re already using.
EIs the board supposed to be more to the left in the chassis maybe?
Or is the chassis just badly designed?

Can you slide the board towards the other end of chassis? It looks like it’s designed to sit further in under the tongue.

That black tab usually sits over the buttons. Slide the board back. Problem solved.

I’ll have to see if I can slide the board back when I am back from work, hope they didn’t glue it to the chassis… Thanks for all the advices

Ya it was bad design , actually was glued so I have to carefully removed it and push back the board
Good thing it wasn’t crazy glued