Micro USB port wondering

So now that my first Proffie build has been successfully completed, I’m moving on to build #2.

One of the design concessions I made for build #1 means that, to access the usb port for updating the board, I have to remove the control box and outer shroud.

While looking around on a saber supply site, I stumbled on these USB connectors. As the wiring diagram shows a CFX board, I’m wondering if they could be wired to a Proffie in the same way. Most likely I’ll bypass the recharge port and include some kind of a kill switch as I prefer external li-on charging for now and because I read (either here or on Reddit, can’t remember which) that the battery should be disconnected before plugging in to the computer.

Anyone have any thoughts about this or a different solution that would let me make a USB port externally accessible?

Thanks in advance!


Ok, apparently TCSS doesn’t like linux?
If I access their site, and the user-agent of my browser has “Linux” in it, their HTTP server returns no data. If I change it to literally anything else, like “Windows” or “Linax” it works just fine.

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The breakout board should work for any board that uses micro-usb though, including Proffieboards.

Of course, if you have a V3 board you don’t need the breakout board, because there are pads on the board for USB already.

Thanks, Prof!

I’ve got a 2.2 board for now, but that’s a good reminder for when I move on to saber #3+


Follow up question as I plan out my wiring diagram—if I’m not using a recharge port, my assumption is that I only would only need the data wires to the USB and wouldn’t need to plan for +/ground. If so, could I not just wire up a small usb extension instead?

Tangential, for the 3.7 boards, could I just strip the usb connection from a premade cable and wire direct to the board itself using the appropriate pads?

This is an incorrect assumption. All four wires needs to be hooked up.

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Thanks for confirming.

Is there any technical reason, then, that I couldn’t also just use a standard L-shaped usb adapter (or any other micro usb-type extension) to make the port externally accessible?

No reason. Usually the limiting factor is size.