Max post length increased

tl;dr; only use pastebin if needed, and there should be no need anymore. :slight_smile:

To make it easier to post config files, which seem to have gotten pretty large lately, I’ve increased the maximum post length from 32k to 100k. I’m hoping that this means that we won’t have to rely on pastebin so much, especially since linking to pastebin all the time makes it harder to search for things on this site.

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It occurs to me that I don’t know how well large posts will actually work, so please let me know if you have any problems with it.

Also, I may have over-stated the “no need for pastebin” part, as config files nowadays can easily be larger than 100k.

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Although, it occurs to me that config files can just be attached to a post rather than pasting them into the post.

It’s slightly harder to view them that way, but it doesn’t require pastebin which is a bonus.

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Seems to be a character limit, not a size?
This was pasting inside backticks:
Body is limited to 10000 characters; you entered 215204.

Hmm, it was set to 10k, but I could have sword I made it 100k.
Either way, it’s set to 100k now.