Maul build

My next build is most likely going to be a Darth Maul dual-wield saber.
I’m thinking of putting one proffiieboard in each saber, and then hook them together using serial ports, but I’m not sure exactly what I will need to synchronize between them yet.

The Maul saber also has a fairly unique sound, and I may end up tweaking the smoothswing algorithms a bit if needed.


As a Maul saber owner, would be very interested in this. (currently just using a preset to create the delayed ignition in one half).

Oh I am super curious about two Proffies communicating. I will want that for my upcoming staff builds

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Would they have a connection quick disconnect so you can disconnect them on the fly?

Presumably, but I don’t actually know what will work with the hilt I bought yet.

Which hilt replica did you buy?

Don’t remmember, I think I bought it from korbanth though.

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Not the best imo, the nicest are KR (single hilt that can be cut in half) and from

I tend to buy a hilt every now and then and then install them some time later.
I’m usually not too worried about if it’s the nicest or not, to me it’s more about the features I can cram into it. :slight_smile:

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