"Master" Kylo Ren OS6 ComboBuilder Style (courtesy of Fett's Style Library)

This one is a whopper. It has so many options, you can mix and match with other colors and deep sounds. It also caters nicely to most Kylo setups.

/* copyright Fett263 ComboBuilder (Primary Blade) OS6 Style
OS6.6 v3.04
This Style Contains 466560 Unique Combinations
Style Options:
Default (0): Kylo Ren Unstable (Film Based)
1: Kylo Ren Unstable (Supreme Leader)
2: Unstable Erratic
3: Unstable Unleashed
4: Unstable Rage
5: Unstable Pulse

--Effects Included--
Preon Effect Options: Default (0): Disable, 1: Faulty Ignition (PreOn Color), 2: Overload (PreOn Color), 3: Seismic Charge (PreOn Color), 4: Power Absorb (PreOn Color), 5: Polar Spark (PreOn Color)
Ignition Effect Options: Default (0): Standard Ignition, 1: Wipe In, 2: SparkTip Ignition, 3: Lightning Strike, 4: Cycle Up, 5: Glitch On
PowerUp Effect Options: Default (0): Disable, 1: Power Surge (Stable), 2: Power Surge (Unstable V1), 3: Power Surge (Unstable V2), 4: Unstable Power Up Forward, 5: Power Flash
Retraction Effect Options: Default (0): Standard Retraction, 1: Run Up, 2: Cycle Down, 3: Center In, 4: Split Retraction, 5: Glitch Off
CoolDown Effect Options: Default (0): Disable, 1: Unstable Cool Down Reverse, 2: Power Burst Reverse, 3: Power Flash, 4: Unstable Cool Down Forward
PostOff Effect Options: Default (0): Disable, 1: Emitter Cool Off (Emitter Size), 2: Emitter Spark (Emitter Size), 3: Emitter Glow (Emitter Size)
Lockup Effect: Intensity Lockup V1
LightningBlock Effect: Responsive Lightning Block
Drag Effect: Intensity Sparking Drag
Melt Effect: Intensity Melt
Stab Effect: Normal Stab
Blast Effect (Randomly Selected): Responsive Blast Wave (Random), Responsive Blast Ripple Fade
Clash Effect: Real Clash V3
Swing Effect Options: Default (0): Disable, 1: Unstable Swing (Scaled Full Blade), 2: Bright Swing (Scaled Full Blade)
Battery Level: % Blade (Green to Red)

Pastebin w/ Style Code

Did you mean to just put the comment in there, not the style itself?

Yes, I figured anyone can either recreate or ask for the Style. I can add the Style code if against the rules.

No rules applies here, so you may do whatever you like.
it just seems kind of weird to post just the comment.

When The Godfather speaks…


I added the Pastebin to the post. Cheers and MTFBWY

Just a note, when building option styles there is a threshold of diminished returns, unless you’re actually planning to use all of the combinations for unique presets you may be wasting available memory with so many options built into one style. If memory becomes an issue it may be more efficient to do several small combo styles versus a single massive one.
It’s best to build the styles with what you want to actually use versus the “kitchen sink” approach depending on what you’re wanting to do with your saber.

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Appreciate the feedback, Fett. I think you said something to that effect a couple of weeks back. This was an effort to see how absolutely crazy OS6’s capabilities are. Going from essentially my best 20-30 styles to seemingly unlimited capability with a single style.

I had tried with something like 10% of the options and the memory usage was 1-2% different, so I just tried to crank the options up.

Sure, there’s no right or wrong and you CAN fit a lot of options I’ve just seen some users say they’re only able to fit a few styles and it’s because each style has several thousand options that they aren’t actually using, so they take up valuable memory. It really varies by styles and overall config, in some cases having many simple unique styles is more efficient and in others if you have a lot of presets that are very similar but with different combinations of the options then building out single styles and reusing will allow you to fit more. If you’re able to fit everything you want then that’s the end goal, for users who are finding they can’t fit as much as they want, testing between multiple single styles or larger combo styles is the best way to determine which is more efficient. FLASH is a fixed value so setting up the styles efficiently is the best way to maximize the available room.

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100% and exactly what I took from what you’ve said prior. I am testing until I find that balance of memory to options, then it’ll be all Edit Mode/Workbench/Presets.ini from there on in.

Cheers and MTFBWY