Making a DL-44 out of a WE Model 712 Mauser

So, I got this WE M712 kit, and it looks great on the outside, but I don’t need an airsoft; I’m putting lights and sound in it. I’m using the SimpleBlasterOS, but because of the way the inner workings are designed, I’m having a hell of a time figuring out how to set up the trigger mechanism. Has anyone worked with one of these before?

Have not worked with it but looks cool!
What’s the issue with making a trigger work?

Why not just get one of these?

I’m just having a hard time figuring out where and how to mount the switch. The Denix internals I’ve seen had a big lever that could trip the switch; these don’t. They seem a lot like the MGCs I’ve seen. I’ll probably figure it out; it’s just not what I was expecting.

My understanding is that what I have is very much the same as that kit. I’ve seen a bunch of DL-44s made from the Denix C96 and instructions on what to do, but none with the M712.

Just FYI, if anyone’s curious, I got it done. It wasn’t pretty, though. I had to figure out how the Airsoft’s trigger mechanism worked, then I removed a piece and placed a momentary switch there where the trigger would hit the switch directly. It took a lot of grinding and filing to create wire pass-throughs, and the finished project looks good but will be a total pain in the arse if I ever have to do maintenance, but it got done in time for my anniversary and the wife loved her gift.

The positive part of the experience is that I learned a lot, and I’ll be applying those lessons to future designs. But if I ever decide to do another DL-44, I’ll be getting a Denix kit–so much more room in those replicas.

My next project is converting a Nerf pistol to a prop blaster, but then I’m going to tackle the A180, using an AW kit as the starting point. I’m taking my time on it, though.

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