Luke Control Box Style without fade effect

I’ve just received a Luke saber and the config I’m using has the ‘Red Arrow’ and ‘Green Arrow’ styles from Fett263’s style library for the control box. These use the TrBoing effect to fade on/off, but I don’t like it that much.

Is there a way to achieve the same effect (flash x number of times then pause, repeat as per cave scene) with the lights blinking on/off instead, without any fade transition?

Many thanks

Maybe try this thread:


I’ve had a look and it doesn’t seem like there’s any discussion about the content of the style, more about how to include the accent styles/LEDs in the config. I could post the question there if that’s more suitable? I just didn’t think it quite fit.

No, posting the question there is not very helpful.
I was just hoping you could find your answer there.
This question has been asked before, so finding the answer should be a matter of searching for the right terms…

How about this thread from 2019?

It has several presets that shows what I think is the right sequence for the red/green arrows.

There’s definitely something there I can work with, thank you! I will do some tinkering and see how I get on.

I’ve managed to get it exactly how I want - I modified the style Fett263 posted further down for the Red LED:

Red (blink 6 times while saber is off, LED is off while saber is on)


Red with On functions (blink 6 times while saber is off, will react to clashes, blaster blocks etc. while saber is on)


Green (10 blinks while saber is off, LED is always on while saber is on)


The Red with On Functions code is probably a bit of a mess of pre- and post- OS6 stuff, but it does work!

Thanks for pointing me in that direction, and of course thanks to Fett263 for making the styles in the first place.