Looking for best clash effects for dueling sabers

Hi all,

I have built a few neopixel sabers now but I want to get and/or build some base lit sabers to duel with my daughter.

I of course being a saber snob want to have realistic clash effects and sounds.

I have looked into a ton of companies for premade or parts to build ones and I cant seem to find ones that I am happy with.

I saw this video years ago and keep going back to it as the clash effects from these sabers are great and what I want in my base lit sabers.

I have dug through the comments on that video and looked on their youtube channel/website and cant find info on what sabers/components they use. I believe they build their own.

Has anyone gotten or built base lit dueling sabers that will have the level of clash effects as seen in that video?

Thanks for checking it out!

Based on what is happening such as this screen grab, they are certainly localized effects, not possible with baselit.

You think they are pixel blades? They have that classic base lit look with the glow diminishing towards the top don’t you think?

Sure, but that’s just a gradient effect on the brightness of the color.
You can do pretty much anything with addressable LEDs.
The camera really picks up the clashes/lockup well in that clip, I must say.


Pretty sure someone added some post-processing to this video.

Absolutely. and here’s the proof. The lens flare ghost shows none of that, and some of the frames are waaaay blinding bright.

(these images are off site by the way)

So @Lighten, they are baselit, possibly basic flash-on-clash, but no theatrical clashes.
The bright tips is another clue.
Long story short., pixel strips are still your best bet.

Good fight choreo in that performance for sure though, SFX or not.
Anakin should have powered off the blade when the saber went flying @1:26 though!

It’s over there burning through the stage @1:30 :crazy_face:

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Haha never thought of that about him leaving the saber on when it was lying on stage!

Thanks for the analysis Prof and Sloppy!

I never thought that it was edited it post but I think you are right after my extensive search for baselit saber options.

I agree pixel proffie blades have the best effects!

I have 3 now, 2 I built and 1 Sabertrio I converted to OS7.8.

I still want to go baselit for my duel set for my daughter so I won’t worry as much with them getting smacked and dropped.

If you guys were to buy a baselit saber what would you go for?

I think you’d be surprised how robust a pixel blade is. You might also consider using an existing install that has a removable pixel blade and using it with a baselit blade by using this converter: