Lightsaber motion sounds are really scratchy

I have a Proffie 2.2 board and have it programmed well. The only problem I have is that when I swing it…the motion sounds don’t sound right…it sounds really scratchy and bumpy. I am using the sound font pack from the Proffie page link Free prop sounds. it says it the classic back in the day when Smoothswing was new and ProffieOS was still called “TeensySaber”. It contains 6 fonts and 4 tracks. Am I just using the wrong sound package?

No, that should work.
Some of the fonts can be a little scratchy and bumpy though, are you sure it’s a problem and not the sounds themselves?
What version of ProffieOS are you using?
Do you have a fast SD card? (how did you test it?)
Can you record a video of the problem, that will make it easier for people to figure out what is going on.

Oh, and do you see buffer underflow messages in the serial monitor?

I am using the most recent version of ProffieOS. I have a class 10 HD memory card that is fast. I have been using the card for video…its a great card. As far as the sounds, its possible that the sounds are compromised in some way. All the other sounds are great but the swing. Where would I find other swing sounds?

If it’s a particular swing pair that bothers you, you could just delete it.

I will give that a try. Thank you so much for your insight into my issue…it’s truly appreciated.

Note that if you delete swingl05.wav, you have to delete swingh05.wav as well.
Also, you can’t leave holes in the numbering. If the files are numbered 1-8, you can delete 1 or 8 without any additional changes, but if you delete a number in the middle, like 5, then you need to renumber the files to remove the hole. (Like, rename number 8 to number 5, both for swingl and swingh)

Based on your input, I believe I have found the file with the bad sounds. In the sound pack there is a file with swing sounds that sound horrible and match the sounds that I hear when I swing it. Can I just replace those with new swings sounds?

Which font and which files?
And yes, you can replace any sound with whatever you want so long as it’s formatted correctly.

The link to the file is Once unzipped there is a file called TeensySF. The swing sounds in this file are horrible lol…but I am not sure how to replace them…copy and paste?

Which swing sounds particularly though? If you’re referring to swingl01 and swingh01, that’s a known issue and is being addressed.
Yes, you just move them around like any files. Delete the ones you don’t want, you can generally live without them as there are plenty others in there. If you want, you can copy different ones you do like from somewhere else and paste in the folder on your SD card. Just watch the naming as they need to be sequential with no gaps in numbering as profezzorn mentioned above.

Thank you and everyone else for helping me with this issue. Those are the files that are screwing me up lol…Where would I find other swing wav’s?

A whole bunch of cool free fonts here:

JuanSith - Juansith

OMG…why did I not come here sooner! This place is just great…thank you to everyone who has taken the time to answer my questions so well. I know I am a “Padawan”, but I am learning very quickly with all of your help!! Thanks again!!

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I finally fixed my swing font issue. I opened the individual files that sounded horrible and toned then down a bit using audio software to lower the gain and change the tempo. Worked great!! I would never have been able to do this without all the help. Thanks again for all of your input, I have learned much!

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I finally just purchased a font package. How do I change the old one’s for the new one in Arduino?

Using the proffieboard configurator page at [Proffieboard V2 ( it has all these font presets showing. I dont wany any of them…just the new package I purchased. How do I switch them? Headache city…lol…

Try this, just read and follow the steps.

Just replace the font name in your presets with whatever you want. Or make new presets with the new fonts and new bladestyles.
Copy the font to the SD card, done.