lightsaber lag

when music is being played, there seems to be issues with everything except retraction. the ignition is more of a ladder build up, blade lock up, tip drag, and melt aren’t as smooth, and the lag on blaster deflection is even worse. when no music is played, everything is smooth except blaster deflection. as i said, .wav files are in the correct format, the folders and subfolders have been condensed/revised, and sd card was formatted using sd card formatter.
I’ve also noticed that when i do force effects, the blade’s tip will light up as if i’m doing a tip drag and then the blade will act as if i hit it twice.

Is the music 16-bit mono, 44100Hz?
Have you tried running sdtest? What does it say about your sdcard?

yes all music is in correct format, as instructed by other users in proffieboard support group. not sure how to run sdtest though…

so i just ran the sdtest, have no clue what i’m looking for/what i’m looking at lol

Paste the whole thing in between triple-backticks.
The most important part is the simultaneous streams.

what? lol, i’m so new to this so this is confusing.

with the purchased sd card i was referred to, i get a average speed of 878.04 kb/s, 9.96 simultaneous audio streams.

10 simultaneous stream is not particularly fast, but it should be enough.
The problem is that sometimes parts of the SD card is slower than others, so trying a different SD card might still be a good idea.

Of course, it could also be something else going on, like maybe the retract effect is very complicated?

i have no clue honestly, once i had updated my OS from 5.9 to 6.6 and added a few fonts, that’s when i started getting these issues. i thought by adding two fonts then taking away a handful of fonts that were already there, it would be absolutely fine, yet here i am. i purchased an sd card that is highly regarded amongst the saber community and still have the same issue, could argue its worse since beforehand, it never lagged on tracks the way it does now. i even used the sd card formatter and had formatted with both options on separate occasions.

Well, you’re not giving me a lot of information to go on, so it’s difficult for me to really help.

However, I did write a wiki page with things to try:

Speed problems are often a combination of things though. Like, a slow sd card and complex styles. 6.x should generally be faster than 5.9, but most people siwtch to large complex blade styles when upgrading to 6.x, and then it’s not faster anymore.

Still, it could be something else, like I think that having ENABLE_SSD1306 in your config even if you don’t have a display can slow things down.

If this isn’t helpful, then perhaps post your config file and/or the track(s) that are giving your problems and we can check them to see if you missed something.

my apologies, as i said i’m new to this so i’m basically just giving you the information that i know. i’ll get back to working on it tomorrow!

When you removed the fonts after adding what you did, did you copy your existing files to a safe folder outside the SD card, reformat the SD itself using SD Formatter and then reinstall the fonts and associated font folders? This will help to optimize the SD card.

Which Proffieboard plugin do you have under Board Manager in Arduino? You need 3.6 to run OS6, if you don’t have you’re going to want to update.

it’s running on 3.6, I’ve done everything thats been suggested :frowning:

yes i did, im lost. i dont know what to do.

Remove your SD card and use the saber as normal, it will speak some error messages but the leds will still work. See if you have the same lag with the SD card removed.

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lol i think we’re having a conversation on facebook but no there’s no lag at all whatsoever.

so it’s the SD that is creating the lag (which is usually the cause), you need a faster SD to fix the issue.