Lightsaber activating randomly on battery power

My saber will be sitting idly on a sofa and randomly powers on without anyone near it. Any ideas?

What version of ProffieOS are you using?
Post your config file.
What does the serial monitor say when this happens?

I’m using OS6.9, and it doesn’t happen on the serial monitor. I always take the battery out before plugging it in to not damage anything but this also stops the problem from occurring. Config below.

default.h (42.1 KB)

I really don’t know where people got the idea that taking the battery before the USB connection somehow helps the board. There is no need to take the battery out to make a USB connection, it doesn’t help, and it doesn’t hurt, it simply makes no difference.

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I see you have BC_SWING_ON and BC_THRUST_ON in your config file.
I’m guess one of these are causing it, but I don’t know which one.
I would suggest taking one of these out and see if it still happens.
(Then try the other one.)

Got it. While installing a new font I had the battery in and it turned in because it registered a swing at speeds around the speed of light. I have deactivated the swing on and it works perfectly.