Liberty Check...?

Got an install coming up where I’ll be a bit short of LED pads. (Sub-blades are going to make wire management a bit untidy), so just wanted to run what I’m thinking of doing past you guys…

I want a simple 3mm LED to light when the blade lights.

I can do it off the speaker pad like LGT do, but that always just feels a bit wrong to me, so thought I’d power it off the main blade neopixel LED pads.

I know it will work - my question is, is there any reason I shouldn’t do it this way?

Thanks in advance.

This will work, but there is a caveat:

The power for the blade may sometimes stay on even when the blade is off, causing the LED to stay on.

If you do this, and you discover blade styles where the LED stays on when it’s not supposed to, please report it here so that I can try to fix it.

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Many thanks Prof.

I tested the principle on my little test rig, and there was a lag between the blade going off and the LED going off, but only a couple of seconds which I assume is correct as I guess the OS wants to know that data has finished with it completely before cutting power.

But yes, I’ll run through all my commonly used blade styles and will report back.

I don’t suppose you have a V3 board?
If so you could hook up the LED to one of the Free1-3 pads…

I have one, but I’m still using 2.2s for most installs unless people specifically request a v3,. The 2.2s have dropped in price a lot since the dark days of Covid, and are also a bit cheaper than the v3s. Though I take your point that this is exactly the kind of situation where the improved features of the v3 would sort it.